Samsung Galaxy Fold is the start of a new era as we discussed in our previous blog. The gigantic 7.3-inch display (when unfolded) is the center of focus. People are wondering how it can be used for media consumption and to perform different activities performed on other smartphone devices.

The big display allow the user to open three apps simultaneously and this is a good way to do multitasking. The next question in mind of many people is how well can we play the games? Well, this thing need to be looked properly and hopefully the person will be satisfied when playing games due to the big display on Samsung Galaxy Fold.

If we look at the structure of the device. The viewing angle is good when it is open and it looks like a tablet. When a person will be playing a game in a vertical landscape that may not give a good experience because the form factor of the display will not be used properly. But when we will be playing the games in the horizontal landscape like PUBG, the gaming experience is awesome.

We get a full display with good graphics as the device in tablet form. Furthermore, you can ergonomically handle the device with your two hands and can play easily. Additionally, games like Need for Speed will also perform better to the horizontal format of the games and you can you both hands on the screen to play it easily.

The gaming experience will be smooth as well due to 12 GB of RAM and octa-core Snapdragon processor (US only). You will not be missing any frame during playing games.

Let us know your thoughts about gaming on the foldable smartphones will it be giving a good experience or not?