Are you planning to move to a rental apartment? You must be really excited about that. But here’re a few dos’ and don’ts you must abide by.

Moving to the new home can be challenging if you haven’t prepared mentally for the hassles you’re going to come across in this process. If dealt strategically, it’s not a nightmare as perceived. Since you’re up for moving, it’s undoubtedly an exciting time clustered with new hopes & anxieties. In case of the rental apartment, you’ll have to sign a lease outlining the terms & conditions of your tenancy.

5 Dos and Don’ts of the Rental Apartment

It’s important for you to pay attention to detail. In case you don’t, the lease can back-fire at some point down the line. When it’s about moving, you must keep up with a few basic principles. You’ll be able to set yourself a solid foundation if you abide by these. So let’s dive in;

Dos and Don’ts of the Rental Apartment


If you’ve successfully managed to impress the landlord with good credit and rental record, don’t sign the lease without negotiating. For instance; you want to negotiate monthly rent, offer to sign a lease longer than 1-year or perhaps give up parking in case you don’t need it, in exchange for lower monthly rent. Another great way to save cash is to offer to do yard work or perhaps other maintenance for your landlord.

Term and Deposits

Make sure you check the applicable local as well as state laws with regards to leasing terms and security deposits before signing. At some places, an initial rental apartment lease runs for one-year. At the lease-end, you can move to a month-to-month agreement, and you have a choice to terminate the contract with 30-days’ notice.

So make sure the monthly rent and security deposit are provided in the lease. As per the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), landlords must not charge more than Twice the amount of monthly rent for the security deposit, especially on an unfurnished unit. In case your apartment is well-furnished, the landlord can even charge three times the rent.

Get Familiar with the Floor Plan

You must be aware of the floor plan of your new rental apartment. If you overlook this part, things might turn out to be confusion or perhaps irritating on move-in day. Here’re a few things you must keep in mind;

Visit the place & take pictures. This would be helpful to keep a record for the condition of the room at the start of your lease and keep in mind like how exactly the floor space looks.

You would have enough idea after visiting the place and taking pictures. But if you want to bring in some extra furnishing items or additional appliances, taking measurements will be of great help in that case.

Have an account for Divided Space. In case you plan to on move into an apartment with a roommate or perhaps two, this would surely save all of you a great deal of time before you start settling in. In case you happen to divide-up the cupboards, shelves and other shared spaces from the beginning, everyone knows how much they can bring without getting into any mess ahead.

Organization is everything

When it comes to moving into a rental apartment, one must have precision in the organization. For that, it’s imperative for you to keep track of the boxes and where exactly the items will go. So make sure you’re ready with your list of things you want or perhaps will need. Be mindful! You must write down the contact information of any reliable moving company you decide to use as well as local delivery restaurants to make the unpacking a bit faster.

Utilities and Amenities

It’s imperative for the tenant to ask the landlord about utilities. In some cases, the landlords pay all the utilities while others will make tenants responsible for some. So you need to make sure that all the rules and regulations with regards to apartments’ rental utilities and amenities are clearly spelled out. In case the building has common areas like laundry machines or a pool, ask about the hours of operation and other guidelines before signing.

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