Robot vacuum cleaner, or a “robovac”, is a vacuum cleaner that has a specific level of independence from a client and is customized to clean. Every one of them uses a vacuum to clean while some have extra strategies like turning brushes, wiping or UV sterilization. Some even have surveillance cameras, radio frameworks, and different includes and are more residential robots than simply vacuum cleaners.

What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Background Study

The primary ever robotic vacuum cleaner showed up in 1996. It was made by Electrolux, Swedish family unit and expert apparatuses maker and was designated “Trilobite”. Due to its curiosity, it showed up on BBC’s science TV program, Tomorrow’s World.

It worked genuinely well however it had issues with crashing into objects and because it stopped a short good way from dividers and different items it left little zones that are not cleaned. Its generation is stopped. Innovation Company Dyson from Britain made their variation known DC06 in 2001 however it was excessively exorbitant and it never entered large scale manufacturing.

After a year iRobot, an American cutting-edge innovation organization propelled the Roomba. This robovac can alter course when it experiences a hindrance, distinguish filthy spots on the floor, and can identify soak drops, which shields it from tumbling downstairs. It became a famous change quick and different organizations came back to the possibility of an automated vacuum cleaner.

Roomba has more than 40 models in all value extents right up ’til the present time. Neato Robotics made an XV-11 automated vacuum that utilizes laser-vision rather than a conventional ultrasound while Dyson Company attempts to make robot vacuums that utilization a dream framework with cameras for the route.

Here are Positives & Negatives Of Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Like all instruments, robovacs have their positive and negative sides. They are less loud contrasted with the standard vacuum cleaners. They spare time since they can be disregarded to complete their activity. They simply should be put in the room that requirements cleaning, turned on, the program should be chosen and that is it.

Some of them should be recharged after the work while others can discover docking stations where they will recharge themselves. They require significantly less upkeep than standard vacuum cleaners. Earth box must be purged and roller brushes must be cleaned. They are a lot of littler and require significantly less space to be kept.

They can likewise reach under the beds, tables, and cupboards with no issue. Their sensors likewise protect them so you don’t need to stress that they will hit something or that they will tumble down the stairs.

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Concerning negative sides, they, for example, need more opportunity to tidy up the room than standard vacuum cleaners. This can show an issue on the off chance that somebody wishes to clean the entire house without a moment’s delay. They can be expensive. Spending models can have a cost of $200 while very good quality models can be estimated at $400 while standard vacuum cleaners are around $100.

They take a shot at level surfaces in particular, which is most likely they significant blemish today. They can have issues with thicker floor coverings and they can’t spotless stairs. Some robovacs like Roomba can have expensive substitution batteries. Battery substitutions for Roomba cost a critical piece of the cost of another Roomba.

Sensors are not immaculate and robovac can stick in certain spots and should be “freed” by hand. Robovacs that have the choice to discover its docking station can here and there get lost and neglect to discover it. Regardless they can’t supplant standard vacuum cleaners and ought to be utilized as a technique to keep housekeepers on day by day bases yet you should continue vacuuming the house with a lot of more grounded vacuums.

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Bottom Line

Robot vacuum cleaners are as yet improving and the weaknesses will be fathomed sometime in the not so distant future. Perhaps, one day they might be able to replace your upright vacuum.