Samsung is having different software updates and app to enhance the productivity and functionality of its smartphone. Good Lock is one of the features that appear on top of the list. Every year Samsung launches Good lock for its devices that comes with some plenty of interesting features to add on your Samsung smartphone.

In 2019, The Good Lock gives you an update and customize your One UI software. One UI is one of the best software so far from Samsung without any bloatware or bugs. Let’s talk about the features you get in the Good Lock 2019:

First, we have the Nice Shot feature. In this you can record the video or audio of the work you are going to do on your mobile. It enables you to record you activities on the mobile. You don’t need to have third part app for recording. You can change the format of screen size, set quality for video, and option to record audio or just video.

Next, we have the Notistar. This app is related to the Notification, This allows you to snooze your notification for up to seven days. To activate this feature you need Good Lock 2019. You can say it is a brand new look for your notification system.

We are also getting an addition in the edge lighting feature. Now you can get the edge lighting around the camera cut out on your S10. You can change the width of lighting, effect, color, and more setting as you like.

This three feature will work with Good Lock 2019. You need to install that before you use it.