Amsterdam is one of the historic cities that is known for its artistic heritage and canals. This year, the city has hosted for the final time for Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). It is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration that brings together the leading companies and minds to push the modern visual display industry ahead.

Samsung and Cisco Webex Preview-ISE 2020 (2)

What to Expect with This Partnership Of Samsung & Cisco Webex?

ISE has become an important platform for those who want to display their next-generation tech advancements. Samsung has become an ISE mainstay by becoming the world’s leading developer of visual display technology and the company has been showcasing the latest breakthroughs for commercial applications every year.

The attended on the conference of February 11 gathered for a special invite-only that focusses on a new and groundbreaking partnership between Samsung and the leading provider of the meeting room collaboration solutions called the Cisco Webex.

The event showed us that how the content digitization and employee collaboration are going to transform the modern workplace and how it has provided the opportunity for both the companies for introducing the industry about the latest collaborative solutions.

The partnership was first announced in 2019 that introduced Webex on Display and it was providing users everything needed to easily set up any huddle space for the purpose of video conferencing. Combining the Webex Room Kit Series with Samsung’s SMART signage that is using the HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) technology. This collective solution will be providing easy-to-use scenarios for all users.

Samsung and Cisco Webex

It interesting to note that the two companies have unveiled a new lineup of comprehensive solutions that are aiming to foster more productive and engaging collaboration that will be facilitating the conferencing using the latest technology and will also improve the way businesses meet and they get the work done.

According to the Vice President and General Manager of Webex Rooms, Sandeep Mehra. Collectively, Samsung and Cisco are bringing changes in the market and to the lives of every single user. He also said that “The working styles are changing and workplaces are going to transform.”

The modern workplace will be all about collaboration hubs and businesses will be looking to attract the next generation of employees that are going to adapt and implement every kind of technology that we have created in the partnership”.

This partnership is having a grand ambition. Together, these two industry giants are going to develop technology solutions for every kind of workspace and the work style. The pairing of Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions, with Samsung who is the global leader in the visual display, is having the potential to transform the modern workplace.