Samsung Galaxy Fold is here. 26 April is the official date when people can start making their pre-order. Be that as it may, one day prior, on 15 April 2019, we have seen some authority TVC for it and some early introduction on YouTube.

Some influencers on YouTube have also unboxed the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. This book like devices is just the beginning of a new era. In 2014, Samsung introduced the flexible display and since that day such a folding phone was hyped. Everyone considers that this may be just a concept but after watching Samsung Galaxy Fold in real life, this phone is not just a concept instead it’s a reality.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy Fold

This phone has a cover display of 4.6 inches and you can turn the phone into the tablet and you will get a screen size of 7.3 inches.

It is having 12 GB of Ram and 4380mAH batter compose of Li-Po. You can used three apps simultaneously due to app continuity. It comes with three camera setup (wide angle, telephoto lens, and ultra wide lens) on the back and two on the front, forming a notch when the phone is in a tablet form.

It has a fingerprint scanner mounted on the right side of device and you also have face recognition as well. It is available in four color Astro Blue, Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green. The price tag of this device is $1980.

This is definitely not a cheap piece of technology but with the time it will become affordable as many other companies like Huwaei and Xaomi are also planning to launch their folding devices this year. Huawei has shown their folding phone under the name of Huawei Mate X that will comes around $2450 in the mid of 2019. Let us know your thought about the future of folding phone? Do you think that price is justified?