What are your expectations regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Google has tweeted photos of its upcoming phones but it seems like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will be following a more traditional script. According to a report, CNET report some of the concerned people are saying that mobile will be launching on August 7th in New York City. The first week of August month seems like the right timeframe for the launch of Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Might Be launching

The Note lineup is Samsung’s premier platform for showing off new phone technology. This year, according to rumors, the company is creating two different sizes, one of which will be 5G, and others will have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Rumors Talk about Samsung Galaxy Note 10

According to recent rumors, Samsung is getting closer to eliminating the top and bottom bezels altogether. The company is also moving toward the hole- punch selfie camera to the middle, instead of the side as it is was done on the Galaxy S10. As per the rumors, the larger Note version will be having a massive 6.75-inch screen while the smaller will be 6.3 inches diagonally. It is said that there will be three cameras on the back and they will be aligned vertically instead of horizontally.

According to CNET, Samsung will again be using the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to host attendees, and that the unpacked event will be flashy.

You might be wondering what about Galaxy Fold. Will Samsung announce a new date for the release? Or it will it cancel it altogether? As per the current rumors, it is suggested that it won’t ship until after the Note 10. Samsung certainly needs to provide an answer or say something before (or maybe even during) this “flashy” Note 10 unveiling otherwise the Fold will hang over the whole event like a cloud.

But one thing is for sure that you will get more leaks in the run-up to Note 10’s official announcement. The stakes are going to be high than usual because Samsung needs to show that it can properly fill up the space that’s suddenly been made by the bans on Huawei’s phones. Note 10 will be big but will it be big enough?