The season of leaks regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has started. In 2019, we will get 4 versions according to leaks. There will be two models with display size of 6.28 4G and 5G version, and 6.75 display size with 4G and 5G compatibility. This was the information about the display size.

Next, we have the leak about the 4500MAH battery size in Note 10 series. Hopefully, you will get 25W super-fast charging capacity which we have seen in Galaxy A70 series in 2019.

According to leaks, there will be more differences between Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 as compared to the previous models. The display will be HDR 10 and HDR 10 plus with a resolution of 3840 × 2400.

The processor Snapdragon will be enhanced and we can expect to have better performance from the S10 family. The processor will be supporting 5G version. The NPU will be 7 time more smarter artificial intelligence. To boost the performance, the 4 generation of the custom CPU will have tri-cluster.

There will be five sensors support for multi-camera intelligent camera features with NRU. There will be feature of 8K video and decoding 10 bit HEVC (H265) 10-bit and H264.

This was the latest leaks regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Hope, it will be a worthy upgrade in the coming year.