Last week, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Z Flip which is the company’s first Flip folding phone. The phone is having a price lower than the Galaxy Fold and it was available for pre-order immediately after the launch. The phone was completely different from Galaxy Fold, but still, it didn’t survive the JerryRigEverything’s durability test. Furthermore, he also pointed out that Samsung is not using glass and the Galaxy Z Flip was made up of plastic or some sort of hybrid material.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Problems

While using glass on Z Flip is still debatable, Samsung has found itself in hot waters again because the early users have started reporting their problems. A couple of users who have received the Galaxy Z Flip are reporting the problems with the hinge and the display.

Just like the Galaxy Fold, it seems like Samsung had installed a protective layer on Galaxy Z Flip but they forgot to inform customers that they are not supposed to remove that layer.

In Amir’s case, Samsung UK responded to the query and he received a replacement in a day.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Note that these incidents are isolated at the moment but this is how the Galaxy Fold debacle will start. Right now, we are having no from Samsung yet. The company has noted that they will be providing a one-time free application of the screen protector to all the customers.

There are no other reports of Galaxy Z Flip breaking or causing problems. But if you are planning to buy this phone, it is best to wait for a while until the picture gets clear. We will definitely not like dropping your $1,400 brand-new folding phone that will not last a year.