As expected, Samsung went ahead and they have unveiled the new Galaxy Z Flip along with the Galaxy S20 series on their February launch event. In fact, there was a presentation with the Z Flip, which shows how this device can’t be ignored and it is the new foldable phone after the Galaxy Fold’s launch in 2019.

Samsung Z Flip-Rival to Motorola


By looking at the device, we can say that it is a polished design and you are going to see a lot of fingerprints on it after holding it. The device is having flagship specs and due to this, it shines out more as compared to the Motorola RAZR.

When the device is closed, there are two cameras sitting siding on the right corner of the mobile device. On the left side, there is a 1-inch display that acts as a viewfinder and you can look at the setting and can-do different activities. The fingerprint sensor is located on the right side just like the Samsung S10e.


  • When the device is opened, it is having 6.7 O-led and 60 Hertz display.
  • It is having an 8GB of RAM and 256 of Storage
  • It is having a combined 3300 mAh battery.
  • It comes with the Snapdragon 855 plus.
  • Two cameras one is 12 MP standard ad 12 MP ultra-wide.
  • It is having wireless charging capability.
  • The screen is made up of glass.

The Hinge of the Z Flip

Samsung has really learned from the previous mistake they made on Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now, the hinge is more robust and it is better as compared to any other hinge. It is important to note that it is solid and you can open it like a laptop. There are some apps through which you can use the screen simultaneously just like a pocket laptop when lying on a table or in your hand. The hinge is definitely a good improvement.

This was a quick glimpse of the Samsung Z Flip. The price is $1380 and it will be available or pre-order on February 14.