Samsung Electronics has recently launched a new foldable phone and its flagship S Series that are 5G compatible. But here the star of the show is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung announced the device and other mobile phones during the event held on 11 February in San Francisco, California. The new phone Galaxy Z Flip is going for sale on February 14 and comes with a price tag of $1,380.

Say Hello to Samsung's New Foldable Flip

Things You Should Know About Samsung Foldable Flip

When you open it, the Galaxy Z Flip is similar to shape and size to the majority of the smartphones. When it is closed, the phone is having two half and it is having a square shape.

The Galaxy Z Flip is the Samsung second foldable phone. Samsung has launched its first model named as the Galaxy Fold in 2019. That device closes up over the middle and it will open up to the size of a small tablet.

According to Samsung, Z Flip’s screen is made up of glass-like material. The Galaxy Fold device was having a plastic screen. When the Z Flip is closed, the users can still see the time, take selfies, and get the notification for the messages.

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You can set it up in different positions for taking pictures, watching videos, or doing the typing. Last year, China’s Huawei launched a foldable smartphone that is called as the Mate X. On the other hand, Motorola also introduced the RAZR phone that is having a price tag of $1,499.

The foldable phones are an attempt by the manufacturers to energize a market where the sales have slowed down. Most of the people are holding onto their old phones for a long time because new phones are becoming costly.

Furthermore, the critics say that the new products are not necessarily offering major upgrades in performance. According to the technology experts, the new foldable models are having a high cost and they will be appealing only to a limited market.