Are you having a question like does the hard drive stop or continue spinning when I put into sleep mode? Is there any long-term harm happening to PC into Hibernate mode? Well, to answer this, you need to read the following blog:

Is Sleep Mode Bad for Your PC?

Hibernate Mode

Hibernate and Sleep, without any doubt, reduce the computer’s power consumption by turning off the hard drive and display when you are not using the computer. It is important to note that in case of Hibernate mode, the consumption is zero because the open programs and the data they contain are copied to the hard drive.

Sleep Mode

In Sleep mode the information is stored in the PC’s RAM memory, so there is a little power drain but once you open the computer lid, all the things will be running in just a few seconds but in hibernate, you may have to wait for little longer.

It is important to note that both modes are not damaging to a computer’s hardware. But remember that these programs can freeze when the computer is going to start. Furthermore, it can affect some peripherals, like Wi-Fi adaptors and they may need some checking if they are not working work properly once you resume the computer.

The default Sleep and Hibernate setting will work best for laptop users running on battery power because you just have to close the lid or press the power button. In the case of desktop PCs have to manually look for the options. You can go to Control Panel to do the setting according to your need. For instance, you can set it to switch off the display and you can power it down to drives independently and enter the Hibernate or Sleep modes after the session of inactivity and resume when you click on the mouse or use the keyboard.

Is Sleep Mode Bad for Your PC?

Note that it is a good idea to switch off and re-boot a regularly sleeping or hibernating computer often once a week for refreshing your Windows Registry and implement the configuration changes or updates that have occurred in the meantime.

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