Sony is again skipping E3 2020 and this marks the second year when the company is missing the conference. But this year’s absence is having a major implication on the Microsoft, Xbox, and the other major gaming brands that will be regularly presented at E3. This means that Sony’s big PlayStation 5 reveal is going to occur somewhere else.

Sony Again Missed the E3 Conference

Sony is Not Attending E3

Sony has confirmed its E3 2020 absence last week by saying that the E3’s “vision” is not going to line up with the company’s focus this year. Instead, Sony wants to make their fans to be part of the PlayStation family by actively participating in the hundreds of consumer events and giving their fans hands-on access to the PlayStation content.

E3 was previously seen as a conference for the media that was having an aim to give publications information to disseminate the fans. But the E3’s organizer, the Entertainment Software Association will open the event to the public in the 2017 and E3 2020 ESA pitch document revealed this year’s that an event further shifts the focus to fans and influencers as compared to the traditional media.

Note that Sony is the third most popular publisher at E3 2019 and proving it that they did not even need to be there to make an impression. This approach is showing the arrogance of Sony’s PS3 launch when the company is infamously overestimating the PlayStation brand’s power after the success of the PS2.

Irrespective of Sony’s reasons for bailing, the E3 is forced to accept a tough reality. In the eyes of the best-selling console brand of all time, the biggest gaming event of the year is not relevant. This is going to leave Nintendo and especially Microsoft in an awkward situation. Nintendo has held its own Nintendo Direct press releases outside of industry-accepted game conferences for a long time.

This means that it has an infrastructure in place if E3 goes down and Sony has experimented with many events like PlayStation Experience and its State of Play broadcasts. Due to this, other game companies are going to follow the suit that points toward the live-streamed content like EA’s Play 2019 event. Microsoft is showcasing its ID@Xbox indie and Inside Xbox streams, so E3 is going to be retained as Microsoft’s main event of the year.

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E3 is slowly dying as the companies are shifting to streamline the announcements directly to the fans but Sony’s second absence is raising concerns. If the company continues to forget the conference, then Microsoft will do an effort to stick around. This is having the potential to impact both the Xbox Series X brand’s image as a cutting-edge gaming console and, subsequently, Xbox’s sales.

We have to wait and see that will Sony’s non-E3 console is able to capture the same amount of hype as Microsoft’s? But note that the even after the Sony’s disappointing CES PlayStation reveal, it resulted in the wild success with the lame PS5 logo that becomes Instagram’s most popular game company post. This all is a clear indication that the E3 is moving to an end.