Exterior wall lights are a very popular option for use in any garden lighting scheme. Installing them not only keeps you a little safer a night, but it also brightens up your home, preventing it from getting the drab, dark, dreary look many places that don’t use exterior home lighting have.

4 Essential Tips for Using Exterior Wall Lights

But because they are so common, they also need to be used appropriately. Once you’ve found the lights you want to install, use these simple tips to make the most of your wall lights and make your house sparkle at night. For more info visit Our Site

4 Tips For Using Exterior Wall Lights

1: Recessed Lights Give A Modern Style To Your Home

Instead of going for the more traditional scones, you can try to recess your wall lights into walls or pillars to give your home a sleeker, more modern feel. These are usually installed as up lights. The effect you get is pretty amazing, it appears as beams of light highlight your home.

If you install these lights properly and are creative, you can even change the color of the bulbs once in a while to just change up how your home looks or get in a festive spirit. Another ideas for declaration of room is curtain rails for bay windows Imagine just changing a few bulbs to light your house completely up in green and red instead of spending hours stringing Christmas lights. Careful where you install these lights though, you don’t want a bulb shining right into a bedroom window preventing you from getting rest at night.

2: Scones are Popular for a Reason

Scones are the most popular type of wall lights, and for good reason. They come in many different styles and sizes. They can range from looking sophisticated and vintage to looking sleek and postmodern, so there will always be a style that you can use for your home. They also put off a lot of light, making them ideal for use on the sides of homes where you need a lot of extra light so that you can see.

3: Install Scones in Key Areas

When you’re putting scones up on the side of your house, install them in key areas. Remember, when making a garden lighting design plan, less light is more. You won’t want to have lights up every 5 feet all along your home. Instead install your lights in key areas such as the front door, garage, or at a porch entrance. These areas all are places where you will need to see for various reasons, and the ambient light from the fixtures will light the surrounding areas as well.

4: Install Scones in Pairs

One of the most important design tips for using exterior wall lights is to install scones in pairs. By installing scones in pairs you promote a feeling of symmetry and no light looks like it’s out of place because it has a partner. Think about the last time you were at a date party and someone showed up alone while everyone else had a pair. How awkward and out of place did that person look? Don’t make your exterior lights into that guy.

4 Essential Tips for Using Exterior Wall Lights

Designing garden lights is a big undertaking, but fortunately exterior wall lighting is fairly simple. Install the lights were you need the extra lights and always place them in pairs. Remember, you want to strike a balance between the light that you need to get tasks done and ambient light that casts a soft glow.

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