An MoM thought of us to ask, “What’s the best Baby tracker application for twins? Something I can use to monitor my twin’s feedings?” Our Twiniversity people group hopped in with numerous application recommendations, including subtleties on application cost and highlights. Only an update that plain old paper and pen may be the best wagered for your family — everything relies upon how educated your assistance is.

Best App For Tracking Your Baby

We utilized the Baby Connect infant tracker application. It costs $5 per client, once charges however SO justified, despite all the trouble! It was marvelous! Very easy to use, loads of good charts and information announcing. I followed everything-feedings, diapers, siphoning, therapeutic data, drug/nutrients, and so on! It’s additionally very simple to return and forward between the two children. – Stefanie M.

I adore the Baby Connect infant tracker application. Certainly worth the one-time charge!! – Jenn T.

We utilized BabyConnect also… .. for 10 days precisely lol… I think extra clients need to pay for the application too. I recall the possibility of getting it for other people, for example, guardians. – Jenna Y.

Infant Connect is my hero. My better half downloaded it also so we can both update it. The “multi” include is extraordinary in sparing time with twins. Worth the $5. – Anna S.

We adored the Baby Connect child tracker application so much we utilized it for the whole first year! I had it on each overseer’s telephone. Certainly worth the little expense. – Sara S.

We utilized child interface and it was astounding!!! – Allison W.

BabyConnect!! Pass on, cherished utilizing it and on the off chance that you have iPhone and do family share your mate can get it for nothing and anybody watching children can record data as well. – Bianca G.

Infant Connect. I wish they had this element when mine were babies, however starting at as of late, you can utilize the application with Alexa to record assignments and get some information about as of now logged undertakings as opposed to doing the logging yourself on the application. – Heather M.

Child Tracker. It’s free, and you can sign in on different gadgets! Despite everything, we use it when directing medications now and again at 20 months. – LA K.

Child Tracker application was likewise my application of the decision. No compelling reason to move up to paid form. – Emily B.

Baby Tracker application! – Elizabeth S.

Truly! Child tracker for my twins – Britt W.

Concur with the infant tracker application! – Emily S.

We use infant tracker and it functions admirably for me and my better half! – Molly S.

We use Baby Tracker for the twins and our Singleton. Simple to utilize notwithstanding for my folks when they look after children. Common among all gadgets. – Allison M.