Twitter’s stop-start history with Mac development has entered a new era today with its release of another all-new app. The Twitter app is available in the Mac App Store but only for users who are running the new version of macOS named Catalina.

Twitter Just Released Catalyst App For macOS Catalina

What’s New You Are Going to See On Twitter?

The reason behind this is that the app was built with a Catalina framework known as Catalyst. This allows developers to port their iPad apps over the Mac with less work as compared in the past. In addition to this, Twitter just announced that this will be supporting Catalyst at this year’s WWDC in June, in comparison to other companies like Netflix that have been less enthusiastic. You must note that Twitter is the most notable Catalyst app.

In Twitter’s case, it is not like the new Mac app is a straight port of the iPad app running within a window. You must note that the UI is mostly different. But it does not quite feel native to the Mac as well. This looks very pretty ridiculous in full-screen and the Mac-style toolbar that visually clash with Twitter’s own below it.

But still, we will say that new Twitter app for Mac. This is the thing we are looking for. It is also worth pointing out that with most recent macOS releases that you might want to hold off on updating Catalina until you are sure that this is no going to break anything.


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