Hello Friends! I have always try to give you the best latest information about technology, today I have great news about Uber self-driving cars. Uber is a trucking company. Uber is working in 60 above countries and 400 Cities. Uber was founded by the US. Uber is based in San Francisco and offering ridesharing Services. Every Company wants a big turn So, Uber has announced the self-driving car in the previous month and they are ready to make some big moves.

uber Self-Driving cars

The ride-sharing giant has introduced its newest self-driving car on Wednesday. Uber has joined hand with Volvo to produce a new line of Volvo’s existing XC90 vehicles specifically for Uber’s self-driving fleet. The new production model will be known as 519G. This model will come with computerized brakes and steering systems straight from the factory as per the report from CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel).

This is the same in contrast to what Uber used to do with XC90s. Before Wednesday’s announcement, Uber modified existing XC90s for the purpose of self-driving. This means that they will not come with these features built-in comparison to the new ones will.

Uber has claimed that the new model car named as XC90s are safe and more reliable. The car is having LIDAR, radar and ultrasonic sensing for automatic driving as per the promo video released by the company.

Furthermore, the new XC90 is also having standard brakes and a steering wheel for humans. You will be seeing that’s still the standard practice for self-driving vehicles because the technology is not quite there to completely support automated cars.

As indicated by Uber Advanced Technology Group head, Eric Meyhofer disclosed to CNBC that the organization is intending to test completely robotized vehicles without human drivers later on. But we have to earn “public trust” before doing that. Progress on Uber’s self-driving unit halted after an accident in which a car hit and kill a pedestrian in Arizona last year.

Uber is going to test the self-driving cars again but the majority of the people still don’t trust the concept.

Self-driving is mostly liked by users. I have tried my best to Explain all about Uber self-driving. Hope this article will be helpful for you. I will try to give you the latest news about technology.


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