If you are having a child, then it is guaranteed that they are playing on mobile, PC or video games at home or at their school. You will notice that today’s games go far beyond as compared to Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunts of previous years. It’s just not how impressive the graphics are but Developers are super creative at sneaking in educational lessons when kids would least expect from the games. Furthermore, one of the best ways to learn is when you are having a fun.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain

Let’s have a look at the seven interesting video games for your child that will help him to learn:

The Oregon Trail

Things Your Child Will Learn:Historical events, problem-solving skills,critical thinking, and more.

This video game came into the scene in the late ’70s and have gone through few changes. Majority of the child spent time trying to get my digital wagon 2,000 miles west to safety. Note that before you start the trip, you have to pick a job and each one is having its own unique benefits. You will name your companions and purchase supplies.

According to recent updates to the game allow you to trade, upgrade your wagon, and also let you buy food and medicine for increasing your group’s chances of survival.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain

Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries

Things Your Child Will Learn:Historical events, important figures, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, foreign cultures, languages, customs, and more.

This point-and-click video games allow you play as Nancy. You will be solving a mystery in the game. No matter what either you play as a junior or senior detective, you will question suspects, discover clues,solve puzzles, and find way out of multiple sticky situations to find out the culprit.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain


Things Your Child Will Learn: Vocabulary.

Kids who love to play with Words with Friends, this video game is the right choice. Wordscapes, allows you to improve your vocabulary and will kill some time. You will get unlimited tries for solving your crossword-style puzzle along with free hints as well. The game will be challenging you on some levels by prohibiting three-letter words and you will get extra points if you get all the words in a certain order.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain


Things Your Child Will Learn:Logic, patterns, data analysis and problem-solving skills.

If you have grown up in the 90s, then you will remember this game. Zoombinis will keep you busy. These little blue critters are the original Minions, but far less annoying. In this video game, you will guide the Zoombinis out of the evil Bloats’ clutches and will take home to Zoombiniville. Each of the 12 levels that include Allergic Cliffs,Pizza Pass, and Stone Cold Caves will get progressively more challenging, with kids as they will have to use logic and pattern identification to win. You can play on iOS, Android or PC.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain

National Geographic Challenge

Things Your Child Will Learn:Historical figures, events, geography and many more.

The National Geographic Challenge is like a quiz game that will live up to the challenge part of its name. There is no shortage of ease and difficult questions divided in the regions like North America, Europe, South America, Africa Asia, and Australia. You can start a game up to four players and you can choose an avatar. Furthermore, you can try to answer 40, 60 or 80 of the game’s timed questions.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain

The Little Big Planet series

Things Your Child Will Learn: Spatial Orientation Skills, Logic, Design and problem-solving skills.

This spunky little video game follows the adventures of Sack boy and his friends. The first two games will mostly be comprised of platform-jumping and avoiding obstacles for making it to the next level. In addition to this, players also create their own levels, customize characters, building complex contraptions in a level. Lastly, the players can share their creations in the PlayStation Network but this is optional.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain

Portal series

Things Your Child Will Learn:Problem-solving, Physic, Logic, Math, Science and Spatial skills.

This video game resembles with Little Big Planet but it is a little more mature. The first Portal got a Teen rating due to the addition of some bloodstains but Portal 2 is rated E. The video game might be a bit scary or difficult for players under the age of 9.

15 Video Games That Will Not Harm Your Child's Brain


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