Everything Air, Food, and Water are affected by Pollution. Water is a suitable solvent and it grabs the impurities easily around.  Thanks to the technology of water purifiers that assure us of delivering safe and clean water. Drinking pure and clean water is essential as it not only protects from getting sick by several waterborne diseases but also make your immune system healthy.

Water contains various kinds of microbial contamination and heavy metals which can cause different types of illnesses. Thus before consumption, check the ‘TDS‘ of your water. TDS stands for total dissolved solids in water. The dissolved solids can include minerals, salts, metals, anions, and Captions mixed in water. TDS include inorganic salt and a small number of organic substances that are dissolved in water. The high total dissolved solids in water can lead to bitter and salty taste.

Importance Of Water Purifier In Getting

Although higher TDS concentration would not result in health hazards legally, higher TDS along with other contamination can cause aesthetic, technical effects, and cosmetic issues. Lower TDS can give water a smooth taste that is not appreciated by many people. Dissolved solids can result in hard water that leaves deposits and films on the machine.  If your raw water TDS is higher and you are receiving water from multiple sources, then you should get a water purifier installed at your home.

Another factor to be considered is to measure your PH level in the water. Seek help from an expert who would measure the acidity or alkalinity in water. Usually, the PH scale range from 0 to 14, and 7 being neutral. Pure water has a PH of 7.0, where water source precipitation is more slightly acidic due to contaminants present in water. The change in the PH of water can lead to several consequences. Acidic water can lead to problems in humans. The PH of drinking water can be between 6.5 and 9.0.

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How To Determine Which Water Is Suitable?

Getting help from the expert will help you to find which water purifier is suitable for getting pure and healthy water. To determine the water quality of your area like the TDS evaluation test to determine the TDS level in the water. If you are in a city near industries, you need to conduct a chemical test of the water sources to know the pollutant level.

In case you are in doubt while buying a water purifier, go with a UV+UV+RO water purifier that can serve all the needs of water. RO+UV+UF water purifier is capable to eliminate all kinds of impurities present in the water irrespective of the source of raw water.

The presence of RO technology ensures the elimination of dissolved impurities present in water according to the pore size irrespective of the nature of the contamination. In this process, water is allowed to pass through the semi-permeable membrane, which has several pores and the pore size of the membrane is in Nanosized. So it doesn’t allow even human hair to pass through it. Thus RO water purifier itself suitable for proper purification. But the presence of UV and UF technology improves the water quality up to the next level.

Importance Of Water Purifier In Getting and Drinking Pure

UV water purifier removes the microbial contamination present in the water by killing of inhibiting the growth of the microbes present in raw water. UV water purifier doesn’t deal with other contamination except microbial. The UF technology is the same as the RO technology, but ultra-filtration technology eliminates that contamination whose molecular sizes are comparatively bigger.

Does Installation Of Water Purifier Permanent Solution For Drinking Water?

If you are concerned about the drinking water quality, then the installation of a water purifier is not permanent but having a properly working water purifier can solve your drinking water issues. Thus maintain your water purifier properly and perform proper cleaning of your water purifier. As the water purifier contains complex spare; therefore, the cleaning of water purifier filters should be done by Aquaguard Service Centre professionals.

Drinking of contamination water is the primary cause of various kinds of deadly diseases, and it causes more than millions of death all around the globe. All the developed and developing are suffering from this issue. Still, waterborne illnesses can easily be avoided by getting access to pure and healthy drinking water all the time you wish to drink water. To get pure drinking water installation of water purifier is one the best way to get purest drinkable water