Intelligent Apps are the application that needs real-time and historical data from the user interactions and other sources as well to provide suggestions and making predictions. It will be offering personalized and adaptive user experiences. Note that data analytics and machine learning are the essential components of intelligent apps.

For your information, Artificial intelligence is being used in developing intelligent applications that are much sophisticated by having algorithms. This will automate how much the task has to be performed. Note that there are several B2C corporations that will adopt and execute intelligent apps but its mobility and growth are more in B2B environments.

What are Intelligent Apps?

Intelligent apps work on a great amount of data and they are able to read and store a wide range of human interactions. It will combine the processes with sensory inputs and powered by IoT that will come up with valuable insights.

You must know that a truly intelligent app will produce results by reading gestures, motions, and speech inputs.

Intelligent Apps at Work

Say goodbye to those days when employees were gratified with simple mobile-enabled access to key business applications along with the data. Today’s digital natives demand is more as compared to this, they anticipate intelligent user experience and are use able as provided by the consumer apps.

By providing highly personalized and context-sensitive information, intelligent apps will allow the enable workers’ to quickly filter and align highly suitable information according to their needs. This will further assist in making the decision-making process easy.

In the future, corporations will be using their legacy tools or systems to get benefit from intelligent apps for extending their business operations or processes. The entire objective of intelligent apps is to work closely with extant tools and render more targeted and personalized information that will lead employees to increase quality within their job.

Note in the past decades, managers were focusing on charter their digital information initiatives. For this, they have to add intelligent apps to their blueprints. But the rise of new IA ensures the new growth areas, real-time acquisition, internal, and external data sources. This has provided us the best technology to use, processing, and for the analysis.

Below are some of the best artificial intelligence apps for Android and iOS.

Cortana: After introducing Windows 10, Cortana is a well-known application for many people. Previously, the app was only available in Windows phone but now it is available on Android devices as well. This application will assist you in managing the task. For instance, you just need to schedule a meet and the remaining work will be handled by Cortana.

Hound:Just like the Google Voice search, you can also utilize Hound by speaking naturally and gets the results displayed instantly. Hound is providing various features. You can listen to your favorite music track using your voice. You can set different alarms, set timer according to your requirements, search for food restaurants, booking of rides, and much more.

Recent News: It is a news aggregation app that is powered by Artificial intelligence algorithms that will examine your habits. This will keep you updated about the latest news, blogs, articles and other reading material.