The current world is involved in an enormous amount of information distributed mainly through the network of networks called Internet.In past years it was not so, the media were limited to radio, newspapers and television. It should be noted that many times the information in these media were limited and controlled by the government in turn and with this, people received incomplete and false information.

Wikipedia page can enhance your brand’s worth

The internet has opened the doors so that anyone who has an opinion can express.There are several pages where people among bloggers, youtubers, express what they feel.If you don’t know how to make cereal with milk, you can simply look for “how to make cereal with milk” and then thousands of results appear with the best recipes provided by people who want to share their knowledge.

What was the idea?

The idea of ​​Wiki comes from Howard Cunningham, known as Ward Cunningham which had created an application that made it possible for different users to modify websites quickly using a web browser and forms. Cunningham when visiting Hawaii for the first time observed that buses that link the terminals of the airport to each other were named “wikiwiki” which means fast or informal, that was the first word he heard that concerns to his invention.

Also, having a Wikipedia page benefits you in a lot of ways and can lead your business or brand towards success. How? Have you ever wished to see your brand’s name on Wikipedia? Well, it is now no hard to have your own Wikipedia page. Whether you want it for a small business or a big firm, you just have to look for Wikipedia writing services or an individual that can create a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is a virtual encyclopedia that we can find on the internet, its main objective is to be a quick and introductory reference to informative articles. Its main characteristics are that it is an encyclopedia considered as a support that allows the collection, storage and transmission of information in a structured way, this encyclopedia is open content and can be edited and copied by everyone.

Advantages of Wikipedia

I think that Wikipedia is a very useful tool for us, since all people can collaborate in the same work keeping a control of the changes, which allows us to return to an earlier version, this encyclopedia is in a continuous process of construction; allows collaborative work; it is easy to use; useful for us to increase ideas; to receive, obtain, interpret, process and transmit information from different sources, according to the specific needs of each situation and it is also a free space in which we can work without having too much training on web pages. But it also has some disadvantages such as being too open and therefore anyone can add false information, delete another one that is important and correct and add inappropriate or offensive content.

In my opinion the advantages of Wikipedia are much greater than the disadvantages, and therefore Wikipedia is an easy and reliable tool as long as we contrast the information by looking at it in other places and checking that it is correct, although contrasting the information is not only I should do when we look at the Wikipedia but also when we look at any other site, it is very important to make sure that what we find is reliable.

Finally, I say that I do use Wikipedia to search for information, since it is usually the first one that appears, but I always try to make sure that this information is correct.

Is it worth having a Wikipedia page for my business?

Yes! Most of the brands owners use Wikipedia to enhance leads, drive more traffic and increase sales. It can help you market your brand more effectively, attract consumers to your business and can generate tons of leads. But there is a little issue, if you are actually planning to have a Wikipedia page for your company or brand, you will have to keep of few guidelines and some important things in mind. Wikipedia has some strict rules and policies that have to be followed to keep your page stick to the site.

Hope it brings any help to you.


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