At times, people find it difficult to feel safe when venturing outside late at night or in areas that are suspicious. Though it seems to be under control now thankfully, it is better to be safe than sorry in most instances.

Somehow, this is a reality that can be often troubling in most urban areas of the globe. University campuses have often fallen prey to public threats. Though police in most developed countries have controlled these threats, developing countries have seemed to fall behind.

Wildfire app gives users real time alerts of

Evening classes and late-night study sessions are often unavoidable around the globe. Crime rates in developing countries have been often out of control.

Though in the United States, most people dial 9-1-1 in case of a violent incident, a safety hazard, or any untoward incident. However, many prefer knowing things earlier and prefer being on the safe side instead of being caught in the crossfire. Many local community members also want to be informed of any dangers lurking in their areas.

Hence, give a warm welcome to Wildfire.

What is Wildfire?

Wildfire is a mobile app that helps in delivering its users real-time notifications when an emergency happens nearby. This service gives users the ability to help inform others and send messages to emergency contacts and local community members if they witness an untoward incident (be it a crime or something affecting public safety).

The app’s concept originated when founder and CEO Hriday Kemburu got almost robbed after an encounter with two robbers near the library of the University of California-Berkeley. The individuals who tried to rob him were wearing ski masks and emerged from the bushes in an attempted mugging.

Thankfully, Kemburu managed to feel the scene safely and informed the campus police, who took action. He had subsequently posted about it on Facebook Messenger. Somehow, not everyone in the University saw his post. Even he posted on student groups and it was from there he got a really warm response and many thanks.

Yet, Hriday Kemburu wanted everyone to be informed and he realized that his reach was limited. Many other students would not receive the warning in time. Also, many of these students would not be exploring their Facebook feeds all the time as well.

Ultimately, he decided that restrictions on privacy and networks on social media sites were not enough to alert others. The same wouldn’t be able to stop incidents from happening.

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He once explained that when an emergency happens nearby, how do people hear about it? Many times, people go for hours, days, and more without hearing about anything. Whether it is a mugging, a fire, or a nearby shooting, there needs to be an effective mechanism of notifying family, friends, local community people, and the local police in real-time.

Hence, Wildfire has been created to fix this problem.

How is Wildfire app like?

The simple function and sleek interface of the Wildfire app make it easy for everyone to use. To ensure further credibility, the app has a Facebook login feature which also allows users to view mutual friends of those who are posting on the app.

Wildfire app

Once users have logged in the app, they will receive a full list of incidents occurring nearby. They will also have the option to view as a scroll-down feed or as pins in a map view mode. The app relies on crowdsourcing as ways of funding from users around the community, as well as the local newspapers and police.

After witnessing a dangerous event, an unsafe environment, or anything of the like, users can post related alerts, which will be displayed immediately on the shared feed. Depending on the severity of the incident, the alerts will be pushed out to other users, thus putting them out of harm’s way.

Other than that, Wildfire has a lot of useful and helpful features. Users will be notified immediately once an alert is posted on the app, regardless of whether the app is in use or not.

Furthermore, if a user has designated any contacts as emergency contacts, then at all costs they will be notified whether they have the app or not and will be notified via SMS as well.