We all know how much women are selective about their footwear and how they would like to compliment their wardrobe from the shoes they wear and the bags they took along with it. However, it truly depends upon your personal preferences about the kind of footwear you are comfortable in. But here are some guidelines that might help you choose the best women’s shoes online. These guides will help you not only take care of the style and fashion that you follow this season but also will try and highlight some of the issues related to foot care and your selection of the shoes determining your body postures.


There is a wide variety of Women Shoes available online but to make the right choice according to your taste and requirement is an art. First and foremost you need to decide about the kind of footwear you are looking for in particular.

Types of Women Shoes

There is a wide variety of kinds of shoes available in the market. But if you are a real fashion lover, then you must choose things wisely according to the standards set for the footwear. Women often found heels as a permanent part of their attire because it makes them look tall, elegant and yet confident in their way. You have a wide variety to choose from:

  • If you aren’t looking for a lot of height in your shoes, you can go with kitten heels. These kitten heels aren’t the tallest one of them all it gives you just two inches of elevation, and are perfect partners for those who prefer little heels during work or at some casual evening wear.
  • Then comes pumps, pumps aren’t designed to give any extra lift to your height. Instead, they are the most comfortable and sophisticated part of anybody’s wardrobe. They are open from the top and closed cut from behind to give extra support to your foot. Pumps are usually designed to add glitz and glitter to your attire and often a popular choice of young girls because they are more comfortable to wear at any event.
  • Stilettos: One of the ancient and traditional forms of heels where they could be as tall as 8 inches in height and give you a grand toll with this elegant inclusion to your formal wear. For all those women out there who aren’t comfortable with the idea of wearing high heels for too long. Must restrict the use of stilettos for only formal dinners and gatherings where you don’t need to walk much.

1· Wedges:

Wedges are known to be the most comfortable form of shoes which could be used both formally and casually. Because of the design of the prongs, you could also include them as part of your daily footwear. Usually, in wedges, the heels are supported from the tip of the shoe to the end to give you a comfortable and stable standing on the ground. The support at the end of the wedges is also designed to ensure that you don’t have to be careful about the balance and resting of your foot.

Wedges Women Shoes

2. The right size

Whenever you are looking to buy any footwear online, you need to be accurate about the size of the shoe you are looking for. If you aren’t comfortable with the dimensions that are mentioned on the measurement chart. You may also ask for guidance from the customer sales representatives as they will guide you to choose the right size of your heels and shoes.

Taking care of your Foot

Whenever we try and look for the perfect fit and perfect match in terms of our footwear, the first thing that comes to our mind is whether we would be comfortable in it or not. There are a few essentials that might help you to choose the perfect footwear for the evening.

1. Occasion

You need to make sure that whichever piece of footwear you select either because of your love for a specific fashion trend or because of the look is either too irresistible. But you also need to keep in mind whether you would carry it off in a particular event. For example, if you are choosing high heels in a casual game. It might add spark to your attire but then may leave you a too tired and aching foot in the end. And that could be a recipe for disaster.

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2. The comfort

The most important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable in any footwear or not. The most convenient and standard forms of shoes are designed to give support to your overall body weight to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed all over the parts of the body. If not, then you might encounter aching heels and dry feet. Another essential thing to note is whether the footwear is provided with extra padding or cushioning at the end of the heels to make sure that no matter how long you are going to use them. The support and comfort continue.

3. Taking care of the foot and footwear

Whenever you are buying any shoes or heels, it’s an investment in your foot health. You need to purchase a good quality of shoes to make sure that the health of the foot is not compromised at any cost. You must try and figure out if there are season end sales available where you could shop for the whole year without causing any dent to your pocket and annual budget. Most of the women often wait for the season end sale to make sure that they buy the best of footwear available in the market.

Keeping in mind the best guide to buy the right kind of footwear is your instinct. If you feel good after you have walked a few steps in the shoe, then it is the one to be the perfect partner for the rest of your lives.