Each of us reacts differently to the arrival of autumn. For someone, it’s time to admire the bright colors of nature, a time of thoughtful walks in the park and tea in a cosy cafe, and the best rain. And for some people autumn plunges into a hopeless longing for the past summer and brings heavy thoughts about the long coming winters. If you are the one facing issues with the Autumn, you better know that yoga teaches to enjoy life in all its manifestations.

Yoga Asanas during Autumn Season

The following poses do not require special physical training or good stretching and are suitable even for beginners. But, if you have back problems, or you often suffer from headaches or migraines, have high or low blood pressure, and are pregnant, then before such yoga practices, it is better to consult with a specialized medical specialist. You can join yoga teacher training in Bali to get certified and help to spread knowledge and wisdom of yoga.

Camel Pose in Yoga

The pose of a Camel (Ustrasana) is the most refreshing among all the “heart” of the POS related to the camber in the back. Why “heart”? Yes, because, caving in the thoracic spine, if you open your heart to the world, people, new challenges, etc. the result will be improved circulation of energy, and you feel lethargy and apathy. Because of this, the Camel Pose is not even recommended to perform before bedtime.

Yoga Asanas during Autumn Season

What to look for in technology?

  • Kneeling, lower legs and hips are placed on the width of the pelvis.
  • shins should be parallel to each other;
  • press your ankles and toes to the floor;
  • during the bending back of the thigh turn inward, tailbone pointing down;
  • One can place hands on back in the lower back, fingers pointing down; increase deflection and bring the hands to the heel;
  • The pelvis and knees should be on the same level, and not to push the pelvis beyond the knees, the first time performs Ushtrasana against the wall.

Stay in the asana for several breathing cycles. Come out of the pose smoothly: first, lift the chest, and then the head.

Bow pose in Yoga

Posture Luka (Dhanurasana) also refers to the” heart” asanas – opens the thoracic spine, in general, contributes to increasing its flexibility, invigorates and fills with energy.

What to look for in technology?

  • start by lying on your stomach, hands extend along the body and try to lift the floor head, shoulders and chest;
  • the next step-simultaneously with the body lift the knees bent above the floor and stretch your heels to the head;
  • To increase the deflection, grab the ankles with your hands and go to the classic version of Dhanurasana.

Stay in the asana for a few breathing cycles, then gently release the ankles; lower the legs, head and shoulders to the floor.

Bridge Pose

Posture Bridge (Setu Bandhasana) is an excellent antidepressant. Thanks to this pose where the state of anxiety goes away, emotional balance is established, the spine is stretched and even the glutei muscles are tightened. After all, in fact, asana is a static version of the Gluteal Bridge in fitness.

How to start with the pose?

  • lying on your back, the feet bent at the knees of the legs placed on the width of the pelvis;
  • hands freely place on the floor along the body;
  • lifting the pelvis up and bending in the back, shoulders and head above the floor, do not lift and make sure that the knees look forward, and do not move apart.

Setu Bandhasana is the preparatory asana for entering Chakrasana – the “bridge”. To do this, while in Setu Bandhasana, place your hands on the floor near your ears and, taking the emphasis on the palms and feet, raise your head and shoulders above the floor in addition to the pelvis.

Stay in the asana for a few breathing cycles, and then slowly lower your head, shoulders, and finally your buttocks to the floor for the best results.

Yoga Asanas during Autumn Season 1

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