YouTube will not ban politicians from using its platform even if the content is going to violate the company’s guidelines according to the CEO Susan Wojcicki. She gave this statement in a public interview on Wednesday.

YouTube Will Not Ban Politics Even They Violates the Guidelines

Wojcicki address about the platform approaches political figures during an interview session during the The Atlantic Festival. She said that whatever they are posting is important for people to be aware of. She further added that news outlets will report on material either it is removed or not, but having it remain provide the valuable context, according to the report by Politico.

YouTube CEO Statement

She gave a statement that “When you are a political officer, you are giving an information that is really important for their constituents to see and for the other global leaders as well. This will be the content that we will leave up because we think that it is very important for other people to see.”

Nick Clegg, a Facebook’s global affairs chief also made a similar proclamation during an interview session at the same festival held yesterday. But on the other side, Twitter is taking a different approach by saying that content that is posted by politicians or political figures will not be removed because it is for the public interest but that content will be labeled as rule-breaking.

YouTube Will Not Ban Politics Even They Violates the Guidelines

Questions related to the politicians breaking social media company’s guidelines was increased following the election of President Trump. He was accused of spreading misinformation or inciting harassment on Twitter.

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all have come under criticism from academics and journalists for not taking proper action against high profile figures that are breaking the company’s rules. In all this scenario, YouTube has faced harsh criticism a lot for not doing more to remove borderline content from the platform.

In addition to this, the company is working on revamping the rules around the things that are considered as inappropriate content and they will be announcing more policy announcements in the coming months.

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